For years my extended family and friends have called me Uncle Pete. Buyers, Sellers and Investors want a knowledgeable professional they can rely on, and someone who will listen to their real estate investment goals and understand that they really want the best possible deal.

Uncle Pete helps real estate investors evaluate their options, determine risk and manage the best terms and conditions to get the best deal.

Adopt Uncle Pete as your Uncle in the real estate business.

Uncle Pete understands the importance of a secure and accurate transaction. Your Uncle Pete and the, professionals can help you Buy/Sell Commercial Real Estate, a Profitable business or your Home.

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Technology That Should Be In Every Property Manager’s Toolkit

Income Producing Properties Require Management Investing in income producing properties is not a passive thing, it requires active management. It is no secret that technology is changing how property managers conduct business. From a landlord of a single tenant home to property managers of nationwide investment property portfolios, there are many basic tasks that need…

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Important Facts For International Real Estate Investors

Important Facts For International Real Estate Investors Florida has often been the land of investor dreams – and investor heartache. A mix of retirees, snowbirds, job seekers and foreign investors has swung home prices to ridiculous highs and stomach-churning lows more than once in the past. In just a few years before 2008, home prices…

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The 10-Step Selling Process [Part 1- Interview]

SCORE Business TV – Exit Strategies – The 10-Step Selling Process (Steps 1 to 5) Dennis Zink: Welcome to SCORE Business TV. In this series, experts share their opinion with business owners on a variety of topics. Today, we’re presenting part three of a series of episodes addressing exit strategies. Today’s topic is the 10-step…

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